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Israel Archaeological Services (IAS) provides a large variety of archaeological-related services to various academic bodies, both local and foreign, excavating in Israel. We strive to ensure that every expedition will be able to concern itself exclusively with research, without the worry of the numerous logistic, bureaucratic and administrative aspects that accompany every such project.

In addition, IAS is the sole representative of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in all matters pertaining to salvage excavations, required by Israel law and the Israel Antiquities Authority prior to any new construction / development works.

IAS was founded by Dr. Oren Gutfeld of The Hebrew University, a classical archaeologist with nearly thirty years of experience in the field. Among the excavations that he has directed are Tiberias, Ramla, Beit Loya (Lehi), Horbat ‘Amuda, Qumran, Hyrcania, Herodium, and the Western Wall Elevator Project and Hurva and Tiferet Israel Synagogues in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City.

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