Logistics support

Logistics support

Prior to the dig, we offer to assist our clients in any dealings they may have with the Israel Antiquities Authority, the National Parks Authority, the Staff Office of Judea and Samaria and/or regional councils, so that they may receive their excavation license with as little hassle as possible.

We specialize in erecting expedition base camps (including for those who wish to camp on-site), as well as supplying all matter of equipment necessary for a successful excavation season at the highest academic level – all the while adhering to top safety standards. Likewise, we can meet the needs of more complex projects, providing a rich array of specialized equipment. We are also able to provide a work force comprised of serious and experienced laborers.

IAS also offers numerous excavation-accompanying services, such as surveying, photography (field, aerial, small finds and photogrammetry) and, as required by the IAA, conservation. Following the end of the excavation season, we can fence the area and either provide storage facilities for equipment and/or finds or transport the finds to IAA facilities.

Specialized equipment

Specialized equipment In addition to standard excavation items – including all manner of tools, shades, water trailers and office supplies – IAS can provide such specialized equipment as JCBs and Bobcats, winches, drones, lighting and generators, flotation devices, conveyer belts, containers, all-terrain vehicles and more…Not only can we transport the items you need directly to your dig site, but should anything you require be unavailable, we will be happy to order it for you. Among the expeditions we have assisted are Tel Abel Beth Maacah, Tel Beit Mirsim, Tel Zeror, Tel Keisan, Tel Lachish, Tel Mevorakh, Tel Akko, Tel Shimron, Legio, Khirbet er-Ra’i, Khirbet Beit Mazmil and Horbat Midras.

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